SST SwissSafeTech AG (Ltd) is an engineering consulting company specialized in Industrial Hazards, Risks, Safety and Quality Assurance. Both process/operation and natural hazards are covered by our evaluations and assessments.

Highly skilled experts, state-of-the-art software, and conformity with industrial standards and regulations are key elements and integrated part of our services. All these together are meant to address clients’ needs with the best quality and the regulatory required level of safety and mitigated hazards.

Our evaluations and analyses provide a deeper insight in the system performance, a closer view on an incident (caused by internal or external events) or natural disaster (storm, flooding, tsunami …) and its progression, and finally on its consequences. These detailed understandings are then the bases for improving the efficiency (system and actions) and for reducing the potential of unforeseen incidents/disasters as well as for taking necessary measures and for mitigating consequences.

Our values draw

  • Neutrality & Independence

  • Commitment to: Satisfy Client Requirements, Perform Duties Using Best Methods and Techniques, Integrate the Industrial Highest Level of Standards and of Ethics

  • Delivery of experience and expertise to client

Our employees’ common mission are

  • Identification of hazards

  • Evaluation of consequences and risks to public and workers

  • Prediction, prevention and mitigation of accidents

  • Implementation and fulfilment of standards, national, international regulation